The Strandkorb

Typical Features:
The typical Strandkorb has many features for inclement weather protection.

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What is a Strandkorb?

The ‚Strandkorb‘ (Strand = beach, Korb = wicker) belongs to the beaches of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea in Germany like the sand, the water and the wind. It was invented by a German around 1870 and hasn’t changed its general design for decades.

It is…

  • a traditional German seating accomodation
  • a covered reclining beach lounger for two
  • created for full weather protection (sun & wind) while enjoying the outdoors
  • popular at German seasides since the late 1800’s
  • also used on private patios and balconies since the mid 1900’s

…and for many people lots of happy (childhood) memories spending a beautiful summer vacation at the German seasides.

With your first class Strandkorb – made of solid Mahogany or Teak wood – you will not only have a new favorite place for a litte time off. You can enjoy the excellent German craftsmanship and express your attitude to quality and lifestyle.

Learn more about the outstanding quality and how our products are handcrafted to order.

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